Seeds Of The Galaxy: Cinzana: Books 1 - 3 Box SetSeeds Of The Galaxy: Box Set: Books 1 – 3

Book 1: Cinzana

Cinzana is based on the experiences of the Tatiumís during a time of extreme upheaval not only of their family but their entire galaxy. As the then known galaxy is torn apart, so is the family. As the result of differing political factions fueled by paranoia and self-interest, the galaxy enters an age of madness where reason is completely abandoned.

Separated from their parents, the girls become castaways along with the crew of the Dameon after their ship is attacked by a rogue starship. After years of struggling, they return to their world in search of their parents. They find their father on the planet Preta where Tali is left with her niece and nephew while her sister, Evana, goes with her husband to Yerba with a delegation to sue for peace. While on Preta, Tali learns that her mother is not only alive, but living on Avesta, their home planet.

Book 2: Return To Cinzana

When The Alliance decides to negotiate a peace treaty and trade agreement with the Garendos Sen and Evana are asked be witnesses to what caused the breakdown of the previous treaty.

When the Sesro returns from its scheduled three year sojourn, Zenfeor, the captain of the Sesro, tries to satisfy his needs with a prostitute. Unfortunately, instead he falls into her clutches and is drugged and implanted with a tracking device. Ordered to appear before viceroy, Zenfeor expects a reprimand for unbecoming behaviour but instead receives instructions to take the negotiating committee to Yerba.

Book 3: Quest For Cinzana

Quest for Cinzana is the riveting story of Taliís journey to Avesta in order to find her mother. Her travels take her through the swamplands on a rope bridge chased by two adversaries that think sheís a Pachi spy. The journey is not only intriguing but gives us some answers to the long asked question; Are we alone in the universe, is there a common seed that connects all of us, and what happened to them.

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