Fieora Radcliff & HorseIn the engaging story of Fieora Radcliff, Jeanne Linton presents a powerful portrayal of a complex young girl struggling and searching for her own identity in a broken family. Intelligent and resourceful, but also impetuous, sometimes implacable and impish, often pushy and self-centered, Fieora seems to be on a self-absorbed mission to make herself happy while punishing everyone else. She is overweight and overbearing with very few friends. Her father, Randall, an affluent store owner is struggling to raise Fieora alone after his wife, Ginger, had deserted the family several years earlier. Mrs. Minerva is the kindly housekeeper, but certainly no match for the angry bitter Fieora. As the story unfolds, Fieora is kidnapped and her ill-tempered behavior will now be unleashed on two unwitting and grossly unprepared captors. Facing great danger and uncertainty, Fieora remains obstinate and uncooperative, eventually forcing her inept kidnappers to feel as though they are the captives. Immediately following her rescue and dramatic return home, Fieora’s mother suddenly reappears from life in a circus to reclaim her daughter. The brief reunion and a new life in the circus, however, are doomed to fail as a frustrated Fieora balks at her mother’s expectations and runs away. When all seems lost, a chance meeting with a poor Cajun family flips a switch that will change her life forever. Self-awareness and personal growth are powerful forces. Come, read all about it!